Need Advice on Garage Door Choices

Crystal6145July 3, 2013

I have settled on an 7 x 16 Amarr garage door. The models I am deciding from are the Heritage 3000 and the Olympus 500.

The Heritage is cheaper by $450, made from 24 gauge steel, 2" thick, but is insulated with polystyrene with an r value of 9.

The Olympus is only 27 gauge steel, also 2" thick, but is insulated with the better polyurethane blowin in with an r value of 19 and has 1 year longer hardware warranty.

My question is "will the polyurethane blown in insulation compensate in strength against dents for the 27 gauge vs. the stronger 24 gauge with the glued in polystyrene?"

I live in a very hot climate where 100 degree days are normal for several months of the year with mild winters, but do not heat/cool my garage and no living quarters above it so r value is important. I read that rvalue 16 is not double of rvalue 8 and is only about an energy savings of 5% so if this is right my main concern is strength and stability.

Thanks for any knowledge you may have.

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If you don't heat or cool the space, what energy are you 'saving'?
I don't see r value being important here. More insulation slows the migration of heat into or out of a space, but the difference in this situation will not be noticable.

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No need to go with the higher R-Value core if there is not living space above the garage or if you aren't worried about keeping the garage more temperate.

The standard foam will give you plenty of impact protection and if you hit it hard enough to dent it with EPS, it will dent with polyurethane foam as well.

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