best FREE home budget software??

luckynkyDecember 31, 2005

I'm interested in starting a home budget and wondered if anyone here uses home budget programs and which are best and even more important which are free. Thanks

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Star Office 5.2 (the last free version) is still floating around out there. Search for it on google: +download +free +"Star office 5.2"

Star office comes with a spreadsheet program, then you make categories for all your expenses, and track your budgeted amount for each category, vs the actual amount spent.

Or get Open Office, always free. It also has a spreadsheet which is Excel compatible.

Or look on Freezone Freeware. It has a section called "Suites" which is Word Processor, Spreadsheet and sometimes Database all in one. You can download the Freezone Freeware website at

MS Works also comes bundled with many new PCs and it also has a spreadsheet.

I use MS Money, which also came free with my PC. You can flag categories as being tax deductible so at tax time, you print their "Tax report" which prints out all the tax deductible categories for you to transfer to your tax forms.

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If you use gmail, you can use google documents. Online spreadsheet, online words, online presentation, online form generator, you name it. It is also stored online, if you are averse to having that info in the universe, you might not want to use it. But it is a good resource to know about.

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I like you input all your accounts and it learns the transactions, you can set up budgets, goals and it will alert you when you are over budget etc. It has an iphone app, too.

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