better carpet warranty = better quality?

shortycakeMay 7, 2009

We are comparing a Carpet One brand carpet under their gold warranty series (10 year stain, 10 year texture retention) vs. an entry level Mohawk Smartstrand carpet with a 10 year stain, 5 year texture retention warranty. I am really interested in the smartstrand carpet, but my husband was immediately turned off by the 5 year texture retention warranty, thinking that it indicates that the carpet will not hold up as well as the carpet one brand. Any thoughts?

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since most carpets don't have a texture retention warranty the fact that it has one is a good sign. The warranty=quality is a lot of marketing, and a good way to get a customer to trade up.

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I just got a bid for doing tile and carpet in my house. I am going with SmartStrand carpet in our bedrooms and asked for a 10 lb moisture proof pad. I was told there is a 15 year abrasive , 10 year texture, 15 year soil, and 10 year fade warranty. When I had looked at a Floorscapes store (designated by Mowhawk) their warranty was for a 20 year abrasive warranty. I couldn't find out why the difference for the same type carpeting BUT was told by the guy giving me the bid that if I went with the 10 lb moisture proof pad that the warranty on the carpet would DOUBLE. Since we keep these types of things forever, I thought it was certainly worth it. Plus he told me this AFTER I had approached him about the pad since we have dogs that hopefully will be around a long time with us and I know from past experiences that accidents happen as they age.
So he didn't bring it up as a selling point. To be truthfully, I don't think he even knew that was the case.

You might want to look into this and see if it applies to your situation. The pad is more expensive but might be worth the difference.

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I don't want to be the bearer of bad news. I believe boxers will verify this as he is in the business also. Warranties with carpet is tricky. Texture retention means a little bit, but it really only addresses carpet malfunction. 99 times out of 100 a crushed down carpet will be declined under warranty. A wear warranty or Abrasive warraty does not translate to carpet that has turned ugly. Yes a texture retention warraty is the only warranty that means anything, but with carpet ones, America's carpets, etc, they just buy up higher warranties that they know will never get used. If you try a claim 9 years down the road, forget it...if they would give you would be pennies after a big proration. 15 years in the business we have never had an approved manufactuer claim after 3 years of usage..unless I as a big time buyer of flooring tell my manufacturer I want the claim approved. Other than that, you can forget it. Also , the double your warranty pad is really just buying up the warranty..Doubling it. We sell it as it is an upsell, but if your strictly looking at best value for your wouyld leave that cushion on the shelf. it is salty and won;t in reality save you in 15 years if your carpet uglies out, and also do you really think you won't replace the pad in 12 years when you replace the carpet. If you want the best, buy the cushion..but don't buy it for the warranty increase. The best way to buy flooring for quality and value is to go to an independant store that has been around a while(say to them that you are on a budget and you will be talking to other stores)..ask them what is a well constructed high value carpet with a fair warranty..Don't get sucked in with 20 year this orlifetime that. Make sure it has texture retention, ..I would go nylon...I am sold on sorona but it really hasn;t been out there long enough to be sure, but I am a believer of it. Nylon is the safest bet still as it has been tested for 50 years...put a good cushion under it..and look into that salesmans eyes to make sure he is sincere. I watch all my salespeople and they have different techniques, but they are after the sale. some I feel are really sincere and that is what i would be looking for. But no..better warranty does not mean better carpet per say. And also, people seem to have unrealistic expectations of carpet. For God's sake, you will walk on it for ten years. the label should read..that your carpet will begin to look ugly after 10 years. I am amazed that people will lose 5 k in depreciation the minute they buy a new car, but they want to beat in a stores brains after 7 years when the carpet begins to ugly out and their whole investment for the flooring was 3500.00. But its mostly because they don't understand. Trust the store, and ask for great value with a fair warranty and you will be fine. Good Luck.

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One last thought..I would bet that the smartstrand 5 year texture retention has a better traffic rating than the Carpet 1 Gold series. Carpet One get the warranties enhanced and the smartstand is the actual warranty. Sorry to ramble. Good Luck.

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Get everything your salesman says, in writing!!!

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First off - From experiencing Mohawk Carpet myself- I love it. I think Mohawk's brand will be a great choice because its its smartstrand! Powerful stain protection and great for high traffic areas. Mohawk has been around for ages. There are tons of new eco-friendly options available now through them thats it unbelievable. I personally don't know what you'll end up going with but I would prefer mohawk. Here's a great blog about mohawk SmartStrand Carpet... Maybe this will interest you? Hope it helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mohawk Carpet Article

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