Replacing nonstandard size garage door

esgaJuly 29, 2007

Can anyone give me some advice about options for replacing a 10' wide garage door? It's wood, and falling apart beyond repair, so it has to be replacement. I just started looking at Lowe's and HD for comparison and am told this is not a standard size.

I will contact some independents too - but now I fear this is going to turn into a really big budget problem.

I could check into having the opening narrowed by a foot, but should I talk to the installers about this before hiring a contractor? Lowe's and HD folks weren't interested in talking further once they learned it might not be a standard size (I went home and measured again, but there's no doubt).

Any advice welcome.

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A ten foot wide door is not uncommon. They are every where. It will cost about $20.00 more than a 9 foot wide door. If anyone is telling you different, they are taking you for a ride. $500-$700 will get you in the ball park depending upon if you want an insulated or non insulated door. It will cost you more to narrow the opening 1 foot. Find someone who knows what they are talking about.

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Thanks so much! I started pricing doors last year, and I now I told the salesperson then that it was 10' and I didn't get the "we-can't-deal-with-this" story then, so I was suprised when I went back to them last week. I will definitely look for a more knowledgeable sales force.

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They may not stock 10' doors, but they can certainly order them. Ask to see their vendor catalogs to look at the various styles, colors and qualities.

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Thanks again. I have been delaying on this because I've dreaded dealing with something I thought would be really difficult. This gives me hope that it will be fairly simple after all.

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