Craftsman door opener wont close

mawwamJuly 21, 2007

I have a Craftsman 139.18096 opener. Worked fine for several years. Lately it has been erratic in closing. It will start to close the door and move anywhere from one inch to almost close and then re-open. The flashing light indicates an obstruction, but there is no obstruction and the green light on the receiver remains on steadily. Often it will close normally after a half hour of more wait. on an "experts" advice I changed the sensors. No improvement. I have disconnected the door and even taken the chain off the drive without success. Any advice or anyone know where I can get a schematic of the control board?

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Your on the right track with the board. If you replaced the sensors and are sure they are aligned then the board is the issue. I do not know where to get a schematic for the board and even if you could find one, I don't know if you would be able to fix the problem. A new board runs about 90 bucks or you could opt for a new opener for about 150 bucks.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks doorguy. It doesn't really help, but it is what I thought might happen. In this throw away world, you don't fix things. Well! time to shop for a new opener. Thanks again. Anybody want a new set of safety sensors?

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