Mastercraft 3/4 hp garage opener problem

nely29July 31, 2006

Hi all!

I have a 3 year old MasterCraft 3/4 HP garage door opener that suddenly started giving me trouble...It happens from both remotes and wall panel...About 75% of the time the door wont close..I hear the motor power up but the door moves only a few inches then it goes back up lights blink 3 time ...and the learn indicator blinks 4 times... Does anyone know the error that the learn indicator blinking 4 times is related to?

Thanks for your time everyone! :)

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Sorry I meant Craftsman garage door opener :)

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That code means the sensors in the doorway are misaligned. They each have a small light that should be on and not blinking. Tweak them until they are both on bright.

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I will take a closer look... i think one had a solid green light and the other a solid yellow light....I will fiddle with them when i get home and see what happens

thanks for your reply

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