Sears Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

anniemaggieJuly 29, 2006

I have just replaced the chain drive gear and worm gear (plastic drive gear was broke in half)as per the instructions with the parts purchase.When I plugged the unit in, I heard a pop and it tripped the electrical breaker. I may have not had the wires in the motor starting capacitor installed correctly so I corrected them if in fact they were wrong. I got the same result, electrical pop, then a tripped breaker. Did I burn the capacitor up or do I have another problem?

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Sounds like you sure have something wired wrong. The start capacitor has 2 'U' terminals. The blue wires go to one and the red wires go to the other. Doesn't matter which. The white wire goes to a terminal with other neutral wires. Did you remove any other wires?

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Remove the chain and see if it will operate, it should go to the limit and stop, operate it in both directions to check the limits. If it only operates in one direction your circuit board may have stuck relay contacts. Remove the covers and check both, replace if relay if contacts are burnt. Install and run without the chain on to make sure limit switch contacts are working properly then install the chain and recheck limit switch settings.

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