Hanging banners in concrete block garage?

running_freeJuly 14, 2008

Looks like the best place to ask...

I've got a 3 bay concrete block garage and the center bay is becoming a pool room. A friend that worked Ozzfest last year got me some awesome pvc type banners with metal grommets for hanging. I'm a landscaper, not so much the indoor DIY guy...

Have drill, ladder and tape measure, lol. Assuming I may need specific drill bits/mounting hardware?

Any advice very much appreciated!


P.S. I'll get ya some pics once I'm done!

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Edit to add, I've done a few Googles and know I'll need masonry bits but the hammer drill seems like overkill for perhaps 8-12 small holes. Thinking of drilling away from the grommets and using short bungie cords to keep tension?

Guessing someone here has done something similar?



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make sure you drill into the mortar not the block itself. You could crack it. Use concerte anchors

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Thanks, that's along with what I was thinking. I figured I'd need some sort of hardware such as the bungie cords for tension but haven't gotten started yet.


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Tapcons in wither the block or the mortar joints should be fine.
Drilling into the mortar joints will be stronger.
Use at least a 1.5 inch screw.

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