Garage Floor Deteriorating

sudiepavJuly 19, 2011

Our house is almost 60 years old. Lately, we've noticed deterioration especially where the tires drive, but also to some degree all over the floor. We see some small gravel and fine sand continuing to appear on the floor. although we sweep it a lot. From what I've read about epoxy, that may not be a good choice for us, but has anyone tried some sort of coating that was successful in halting this kind of deterioration?

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Do you live in an area that would use salt on the highways in the winter? Salt isn't good for concrete and will break it down after time.

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I do believe this is the case. Any ideas about how to remediate this?

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I do know there is something you can spray on concrete, but it has to be completely clean and dry and above 50ð when it is sprayed on. I'm not sure if it would help on older concrete though. I would think a contractor supply store would be able to help you with this.

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