Craftsman garage door opener problem

ashishnaik1July 30, 2007


I've craftsman garage door opener. I've 2 issues with it and I appreciate help;

1. A Week back when I was closing the door, it completely went down and then it automatically came up.

I checked the sensors, it is working fine as the green light is continuously glowing.I tried moving down screw on the side and back but still same issue.

It is like that and now I encounter second problem!

2. I was doing manual open/close of garage door. While I was fixing the door, the chain went down and I fixed it. But now garage door opens only half. Again I check the up screws on side and back.

For 2nd problem, I've noticed that it stops exactly where the chain was when I was fixing the chain on gear. Do I need to bring the door completely down and then put chain on the gear and fix other end?

I would appreciate your help in above said problems.

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Your first problem sounds like the door is hitting the floor and the safety is reversing it to the open position. Adjust the 'down limit' on the side of the opener about 3 or 4 turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. This should cause the door to stop short of the floor. Now you can adjust to just close the door.

Your second problem is what you suspect. Your door position is out of sync with the chain position.

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