Garage door problem

lanternboyJuly 9, 2007

I have a manual garage door opener that broke on me last night and now I'm having problems trying to get it closed (or open). It is a large wood fold up 1 1/2 car garage door that had a long bar with a mount in the middle and two springs on either side of the center mount and a spin up cable on the left side. The center mounting was pulled free from the garage and the cable is all un-spun. It was getting too late last night to fix it so now I have to do it when I get home from work. Any tips on this type of opener?


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I think what your saying is the torsion shaft came out of the wall. If so you need to have someone come out and fix it for you. DO NOT MESS WITH IT IF YOU HAVE A CABLE STILL ATTACHED TO ONE SIDE. In fact don't mess with it at all get some one out to look at it. Those springs could still have tension on them and one wrong move and that bearing stand will tear you up if those springs unwind on you. Don't try to open or close it anymore either.

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My GDO seemed to be working fine, however, at times the sensors would be out of alignment. I would simply adjust the sensor and down the door would go. This past weekend, I was cleaning the garage and when I tried to put the door down, it would go a little bit and then back up and the light would blink 10 or 11 times. The lights on the sensors are not on but the wires seem to be properly connected. How do I know if it is the wiring, the sensors, or the motor?

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First off it is not the motor. I like to wiggle test the wiring at the back of the opener and at the back of the sensors to see if anything flickers if so fix the loose connections. Next check to make sure you have power down to the sensors. If you have power at the sensors but the sending eye is not lit up you have bad sensors. If you don't have power at the sensors check to make sure you have power coming out of the circuit board, if there is power coming out of the circuit board for the sensors then you have bad wiring. If no power is coming out of the circuit board for the sensors the board is bad.

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