Water / Electric / Phone Service to Pole Barn

jwetzelJuly 17, 2007

Hello all...I need some opinions...

This fall I'm planning on building a pole barn about 200' from the house. I need to run water, electric, and phone from the house to the barn. My plan is to rent a trencher and dig a 4' deep trench. I will put the water line (1" black plastic) at the bottom, fill in about 12", then drop the electric and phone wires in together and of course fill in the rest of the way.

Does this seem like a good plan? Or should I do it differently? Can the electric and phone line be buried next to each other, or will that cause problems?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


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I don't think it's a good idea. Repairs are certain to be needed at some point and digging for one utility will mean in your case you'd have to turn off the others during a repair that might take days... and of course even worse things could happen.

I don't know about interference from electrical on phone. Maybe someone else knows. Just bury in different trenches and take pics and make a map that shows where everything is buried.

My electrical is in 4' to 5' deep and I'm told the phone will be put in much shallower. I have a well for the water.

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Coontact your local building dept and see what they allow. There are standards for this but I don't remember what they are.

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