Sears Mod#:139.53413

will498July 20, 2009

The chain on my garage door opener came off. I put it back on, but it appears that it is not set at the right height. When I close it, it will not stay shut, and when I open it, it does not go all the way up. Is there a way to manually turn the gear that the chain is attached to so that it can get to the proper height?

Also, is there anywhere to download the user manual for this model? I inherited this opener when we bought this house and have no idea where the user manual is. Thanks!

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You need to loosen the chain enough so that you can take it off the sprocket above the motor. Run the opener until the sprocket turns counterclockwise and stops. Now with everything still attached and the door in the open position replace the chain and tighten. This will get everything back in sync and you may need to adjust the up and down limit controls which are on the side of the motor unit.

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