Garage Cupola Colors

eve80July 9, 2012

Hi Everyone, I've been browsing the web for answers but I can't seem to find anything interesting.

I am rebuilding a cupola that was set on top of my garage roof. The old one was painted yellow, however, the ENTIRE structure was painted yellow as well - doors, trim and all...

I now have painted the outside walls a different shade of yellow but all the doors and trim are white. What is the custom for cupolas? Are they painted the color of the walls or the color of trim? I don't know what to do. The cupola has a small base and shutter-type walls with a peaked roof and a rooster wind compass.

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What looks good to you?
I'd paint the trim white, the louvers the color of the shutters and the rest the color of the walls.

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You could do almost anything you wanted here. I've seen cupolas in different colors than the rest of the building. With a yellow building maybe a darker color would look nice, so if you wanted brown, green or whatever you could do that.

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