Old Sears garage opener remote stopped working

coachrccJuly 6, 2007

I bought a home with an own an OLD Sears GDO model 139.655000 and no manual. The garage door opener works fine with the internal push button but the remote has just failed. So have all efforts to reprogram it.

Some details.....

The back of the motor only has one reset button. It has a seperate remote sensor (model 139.53683)with its own outlet and is attached to the GDO with two wires. The remote does not have DIP swithces and just died. Yet when I program it to my newer 2nd garage door it works fine. Can anyone assist in helping me reprogram the remote for this old unit.



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If I am understanding you right you have an external reciever hooked up to the old unit. I am assuming that this remote used to operate both doors? If so.... Then you need to program the remote to the external reciever and not the opener. Pull the cover off the reciever, you should see a smart button, learn actuator or something along those lines ( not sure of the exact terminology for this particular reciever). Push that button and then push the button on the remote. If the reciever does not except the remote I would have to say that the reciever is bad since the remote works fine with the other door.

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Thanks for the reply ..Your kinda of on it. I have two garage doors the old door does have a small 4x3 external receiver. Its plugged into a seperate outlet right next to the old GDO motor. It has a push button for manual use and a small active light. Its model 139.53683. I never tried to open it but Ill give it a try.

The reason I knew the remotes were ok was I reprogrammed them for GDO #2 and the remotes woked. Thats why I figured it was the receiver on the old unit.

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If you squeeze the pushbutton on the receiver you can remove it and you will see a smart/learn button plus the button that manually operates the door. While holding down the button on your remote, press and release the smart/learn button. That will program it but I have a feeling the receiver has quit for other reasons.

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Once again thanks Ill give it a try. If it dosent work its time to get a whole new GDO.

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OK its FIXED!!!!..... Heres the deal. Unplugged the external receiver. Removed the 3 screws holding the unit together. Once opened found the "program" button on the board. Then replugged opened and followed the steps mentioned before hit and release the program button while holding the remote button.. The only problem was there is a set screw which somehow deals with distance. Took me a while to find where it should be set but now working perfect... Thanks again for the lead in the right direction.

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Same problem, not sure I understand the fix...my remote has three buttons, a large one we've used for years to open/close and two small never used.

Opening my control I find two buttons: S1 Prog and S2 CMD, I assume we need to push S1 while holding down on the remote main button, I'll try. Problem being the it is hard to power the unit, push the button and then close the unit as it opens from the side the a/c plug is on. But, given the unit doesn't lose the program when there is a power outage suggests I can reprogram, then put the unit back together and then plug it back into its working position. We'll see.

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Hope you have a moment to reply to my post above, I post again as I understand this results in you getting the follow-up by email (again).

We have the same add-on door opener control, and as noted above I used the Prog button to try to re-establish signals between the controller and the remote. As said, I did this then powered down the unit to reinstall the three-screw cover. I assume this should not cause a problem as the unit, when working, lives over electrical power outages. I am about to go buy a new controller/remote, but make this one last try to get any additional input/wisdom you have.

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Hope I'm not just "talking to myself".

I went to HD and purchased the Chamberlain Model 955D at $50+tax. It appears to be an exact replacement for my (10 year old, thereabouts) Craftsman 139.53683. I also discovered in this process the "Smart" program button, it is under the front pop cover, no need to remove the three screws that give one access to the internals of the receiver. Well, this gave me a chance to check the old units using the new units and I was surprised to find that both the receiver and transmitter appear to be bad. The old remote will not program to operate the new receiver, and the new remote will not program to operate the old receiver: conclusion both the old remote and receiver failed at the same time. This seems highly unlikely, maybe the old and new are not interchangeable.

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The old and new are not compatible.

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Can u please tell me what is it that I am doing wrong. first I push the remote button than press learn button on GDO and let go, the light blinks meaning it has learned the code, still it does not operate.

what is it that i am not doing or doing wrong.

Can u please help. I am much obliged. Thanks

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Could you start at the beginning and explain your original problem. Is this a new remote you are trying to program? Do you have any other remotes that work?

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Above worked for me a as charm, under the receiver front cover was a plastic piece that could push a second button only when cover is removed.

I was just looking on instructions how to change the whole GDO,
when I found this page, thanks everybody.

It looks my receiver forgot the code just like that, there was no power outage or whatsoever, remote just stopped working 2 days ago.

now after the relearn it works fine.
thank you!

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Spoke with sears technician about not having a remove for an old garage opener CONTROL DIGIT / MDL #129655000 / E 313698. I was told that a certain universal remote would work, but forgot to write it down,

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What you need is Model 53751.

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