Does anyone have pics of their natural hickory HW?

msekfeMay 30, 2010

We are doing natural hickory throughout our hallway, lr, den, dining, and kitchen. I'm excited and would love to see pics of anyone who has this. I think we are going to go w/kitchen cabinets that match the darker portions of the grain in the hickory. I was worried at first about it being such a "busy" floor but it is just so beautiful. I decorate very simply w/out a lot of print or bold, I think I can have floors that are a little more busy and pull it off.

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msekfe -

I have to tell you, after months and MONTHS of searching, we finally installed Kentwood Natural Hickory Pecan engineered hardwood flooring, and it is quite stunning. I too was worried about having a "busy" floor, especially with our knotty pine trim and cabinetry, but IMO, it complemented the other woods in our home. It is installed in our LR, DR, FR and hallway. It has a marbled grain, and every plank is like a miniature work of art. Added bonus: It wears like IRON - much harder than oak.

There is much shading variation (mostly cream/gold/brown tones), as you would expect in this wood species. I will warn you that some of the planks that came out of the box had a pinkish hue we did not care for. We simply did not use these planks, or installed them where they would not be seen, i.e., hall closet.

I will try to dig up a pic and post it. Photos do not do it justice, however. I remember seeing interior pictures of homes for sale with this type of flooring and thinking, "Eew - what's with that floor?" but when you see it "in person," it is beautiful. Not for everyone maybe, but we didn't want what everyone else had.

Sorry to be so long-winded. I know you are really after pics, not opinions, but I know the angst I went through choosing a floor (big investment you'll have to live with for a long time), so I thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth.

Good luck - I will try to add pics later.

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I have attached a link (below) to a post that contains a pic of olga_d's hickory flooring. You will need to scroll down a bit. Maybe you can email her for some more pics. I had saved this pic because hickory natural was on our short list of flooring that we were considering. It was a tough decision between oak, hickory & amendoim. We eventually decided on red oak natural.

I share in your excitement! Wood flooring looks and feels so wonderful. You will love it : )


Here is a link that might be useful: A post from Jan.2009

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Yes, i have it. Love it. Didn't know it was going to be soooo busy, but it is funny, when we first got it, I would pick out my favorite boards, and they were some of the most simple, now that I have had it a year, I find I really like the more complex boards. It is just beautiful- the pictures don't do it justice. We have two big dogs, and it is very good at disquising dog hair, otherwise i would be sweeping 5 times a day.

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Does anybody know if those are 5" planks? We're trying to decide between 5" and 3.25"... has anybody had any moisture or buckling problems with this flooring?



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yes, they are 5" planks. They are also thick - 3/4". We have had it for about a year and a half, and haven't had any moisture or buckling problems. I will say that the do seem to be getting a little more of a golden color, mostly noticible on the lighter boards.

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