At witts end with my Craftsman 1/2 Garage Door Opener

patricksJuly 4, 2007

I have read over many of the excellent posts and follow ups, however, I cannot seem to find the solution I am seeking. Here is my problem and what I have tried.

I had to replace the chain sprocket and plastic gear assembly. After that the door will not go down unless I continue to push the button that is wired to the opener. I am getting a 5 flash sequence on the light on the logic board. I have checked the rotating cup at the end of the shaft and it is pushed in all the way. I have checked my safety sensors and they are working. One sensor is solid green and the other is solid amber. The circuit works fine when I break the sensor beam. I can watch the travelling contactor leave the upper limit switch and after the door goes down about 1 ft, it will return to the up position. Once out of every dozen or so tries, the door will actually go down. I am baffled and could use some insight. Thank you in advance.

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Shortly after I posted, I found the problem. The motor shaft has play in it and can slide in or out of the motor. It MUST be pushed out completely toward the gears to allow the rotating interrupter cup enough room to be pushed onto the shaft. After replacing the plastic gears, I did not have the shaft pushed out completely when I tightened down the retaining nut. All is well now. I learned the importance of the cup being pushed on all the way from another post and it helped me. I hope this can help some of the other people who have described a similar problem.

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