Sealing off unused basement garage door...advice needed

blueberrier1July 14, 2012

We have an 8'x10' overhead garage door in our lower level that dh uses to park a load of woodworking lumber once every few years until he gets it unloaded/sorted/etc. The door was said to be superinsulated but does not have a snug fit at the sides, so much heat in winter or AC in summer is lost. Folks who installed door think the fit is fine.

Would like to make two insulated panels to position outside that would be effective to counteract energy loss as well as be easy to position and look OK. House is all brick and door inset is deep as lower level has 12" thick walls with insulated concrete form structure. The garage faces our barn and gardens and is at the back of the house. Faces south.

We cannot think of a way to do anything on the interior.

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make a frame out of 2x4's with rigid insulation as for the lack of a better term sheathing and attach some carpet around the outside edges so that it fits snug in the opening.

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Thanks, millworkman. We have thought to use two sheets of 2" blue Dow insulating panels inside the sheathing as you suggest. We were looking at the gasket along the garage door bottom and thought it might be as snug fitting as carpeting for the perimeters of the outside panels.

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