I need your help

andrelaplume2July 31, 2008

I know this is not a garage question but you guys always have a helpfull answer!

Stupid question but now that we are grilling and have accumulated some decent Weber tools, (fork, knife, grill brush, spatula, squers, tongs etc)...well, where the heck do you store the tools? Inside the home, in the shed, under the grill???...I know it sounds dumb but these things occupy a bit of space and having them in the house is a pain. I fear leaving them under the grill or in the grill or hanging on the grill will cause rust and Yuk...and when you remove the grill cover they come flying off anyway!...where the heck do you keep these?

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my wife bought a 4-5 inch deep plastic tub, probably 24 inches long and 10 inches wide. i put all my stuff in it and toss it on a shelf in teh pantry. i leave my grill brush for cleaning the grates and my water bottle under the grill, everythign else comes inside.

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I recently purchased a clicker remote control because my previous one wasn't closing my garage door. I programmed the new and and it would work fine until I got into my truck and turned on the engine, then it would deprogram the remote! Does anyone know why this would be happening?

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what the hell does that have to do with grilling stuff?

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Gads, I know exactly what you mean. I once stored a rotisserie under my grill and it rusted. I also tried the plastic bin method but it was inconvenient to replace the tools after they were washed. And since I was storing eating utensils in it, I always felt compelled to try to keep the lid clean which was impossible.

As far as IÂm concerned the lower compartment of a grill isn't good for storing anything except a propane bottle, and we donÂt have one of those.

In the end I wound up devoting one of my small kitchen drawers to grilling tools. Now they're easy to put away after they've been cleaned and they're easy to access on our way out the door.

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I should probably clarify that we stored the plastic bin under the grill, which is why the lid was always filthy. If you have somewhere clean to store it that would definately work much better.

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