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knickJuly 18, 2008


I am looking for some guidance, I am building a room inside a pole barn. It will be 16' wide X 20' Deep. The Ceiling above will be for storage of normal household type items. One side of the room will have a stud wall the other needs to be open. I want to put a steel beam on that side to carry the ceiling load. I have found a sizing chart and have figured the beam size. I would like anyone to jump in and tell me what you think. The Formula I used I found on the web. the design loads are as follows:

Floor dead load - 10 psf

Floor live load - 40 psf

Roof dead load - 10 psf

Roof live load - 20 psf

vertical load one story = 62

Clear span x joist/2 x vertical factor = / 1000 = KIPS

I came up with a 9.92 kips

So it looks like a w8x13 (11 Kips) would be the one to go with unless

I could go with a w8x10 (9 Kips) because I have no roof load.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for your time

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A PE stamp is normally required for steel beams.
The beam cannot be sized without a detailed drawing of the application.

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