Problem closing with Craftsman opener

dand34July 18, 2010

I have a Craftsman opener, model 139.53985D. It is not quite 5 years old. Out of the blue, it started having trouble closing the door. It will open perfectly, but when closing, it may go 6 inches or an inch or a foot and then stop. It does not reverse like it would with a sensor obstruction or if it hit something. I also noticed that the lights just flicker when it stops, they don't really flash like when there's a problem otherwise. It may take several seconds for it to respond to the remote again (or the wall panel) and when it does, it will still continue down. Takes 2 or 3 minutes to get the door closed this way! I took it all apart and ran it disassembled. I noticed that the motor got very hot after running it through several cycles, but perhaps that's normal for this motor meant to run only a few seconds at a time. DOes this sound like a logic board problem? Any way to tell for sure? Can get a new board for $65. Would pay that if I knew it would fix it. We have had a lot of storms lately. Lightning damage to board? It looks new. When lightning once took out the board on my dad's opener, it was completely dead and you could see the burnt components on the board. Thank you in advance for any help.

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It sure sounds like a logic board. I cannot think of any other reason that would cause it to just stop like that on the way down. Check the logic board for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit.

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You can get lightning damage on GDO boards without any visible burn marks. I've had it. The board looked like new, but did not work at all.

In another life, I repaired hundreds of communications equipment circuit boards of a certain type that failed due to lightning strikes. Not a single one had visible damage.

I have also had other equipment take a strike and end up looking like someone tossed a grenade in there. Lightning is very unpredictable.

Just an FYI, not a guarantee that you really do have lightning damage.

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