Character Walnut Wide Plank Floors

adh673May 15, 2011

Here is a post with some photos of my walnut floors. I was on here periodically looking for advice on sources and finishing so I thought I would follow up!

They are from Blackford and Sons (Luke Blackford) and are random width character walnut finished in waterlox. We love them!

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Here is the link in URL

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct link to floor photos (mixed with other pictures, sorry)

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Hi, I am thinking of ordering stair treads, risers and some walnut hardwood flooring from Blackford and sons and just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this company? thank you!

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Hi jlaymon, did you end up ordering from them? These floors look perfect to me but we will be needing stair treads and risers as well.

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I've heard back from Blackford regarding the floors. They said that they delivered floor to OP unfinished and that she finished them onsite. I'm not familiar with waterlox but is there a stain on these floors or are they just sealed? They look so dark. If there is a stain, can you tell me what you used? Thanks :)

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These are site finished floors. There is no stain, American black walnut is that color naturally. Which is nice since when there is a scratch the wood is the same color all the way through. Luke is right we did use Waterlox, two coats original then a satin. I also considered hard waxes like Oslo but couldn't find anyone irl who used it. We love love love our floors. We also used their treads.

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Wow, what an incredible natural color. Gorgeous floor. Thank you very much for responding.

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Your welcome. The other point I will make on site finished floods is cost. We found similar finished floors for 32 dollars a square foot and these were under 7. It does cost more to have them finished onsite - a few dollars- but I think the effect is way better for the price. IMO!

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Hi adh673. I was wondering if you had any pets or children running around across these floors, and if so, how have they held up? I keep reading online that walnut is a soft hardwood. I am having the hardest time commiting to walnut for fear that they will be scratched the first day. Also, I might have missed this in your posts, but did Blackford nd sons do your install and sealing? Finally, have you found the waterlox to be greasy at all?

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I have three small boys. There have definately been dents, nicks, etc. in the floor. The worst case is actually dents from someone wearing stilettos at a party and leave little indents. If you are looking for a polished pristine floor, do NOT get black walnut. In our case, we liked the juxtaposition of new and old and liked the feel of an antique floor. We originally were going to "distress" the floors after they were installed (and they are character grade so they have knots, etc) but then we decided not to because they were so pretty! However, time does distress them, they are relatively soft. If you drop a can and it hits at a certain angle it will leave a mark. But since they were already character grade, it doesnt look like the floor has a mark here or there, it just has an overall aged patina. As such, they do not bother us. I maybe could have done without the cluster of stilletto marks but thats life. We also had some scratches from the kitchen chairs being scrapped in and out from the table by the kids and we did the touch up of waterlox and they disappeared. They come back eventually though!

Bottom line, if you like antique floors, there are none more beautiful than black walnut (IMO). We would pick them again and will put them in our next house. If you like a very durable floor you are better off with a white oak stained dark or a ipe or something like that. If anyone says they dont mark, they are walking around in socks and not entertaining.

As for the waterlox, not at all sticky, it dries hard and it actually doesnt feel like there is anything on there. It sort of sinks into the wood, the wood has sheen but you cant really detect a "finish" or "layer" on top. When they scuff, it just gets a little duller there until you add more waterlox. Waterlox is an ordeal however- we had to move out- we tried to stay in the basement the first time and it was horrible. The next two layers we left for overnight. It takes about 24 hours to cure.

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