Problems with new construction driveway

Derekpro2013July 24, 2013

Hi everyone, I just had a new house built in October of 2012 and i am having problems with my driveway. The garage is in the rear and the driveway is 80'x12'x4" before the turn into garage. The 80'X12' part has cracked in 4 1/2 places all the way to the bottom of the slab, i called the builder and they patched it up but it has opened again in all sections again. There are only two control joints in that span and they are only a 1/4 inch deep, also i just noticed in a picture before the driveway was poured that they didnt use any sub base material only on the sidewalks and approach, i guess required by the city. They used wire mesh as support. Also another concern on the part that turns into the garage they put the concrete all the way up to the garage and touching the house with no material in between for expansion, they just used rebar to attach it to the foundation. The driveway was poured after the house was finished in December. The garage also has alot of cracks but i just painted it black so i would not see them. The weird thing is the builder is trying to lay the blame on the cement supplier for a faulty mix, i see it as bad workmenship by them, what do you guys think. I really dont know what to do, this is my first house and i am worried the driveway is going to fail. My moms two other properties have no concrete problems, her house is over 30 years old with no cracks in garage or drive, even in a new 20'x10' concrete patio done a few years ago by fly by night contractors and no cracks. Her other property had a driveway done by a old man and his son and no cracks also 5 years ago, he wasnt even a business just knew how to do it. Thanks Derek Mcallen TX

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I doubt it's the concrete mix. Certainly looks like a workmanship issue. Definitely not enough control joints for that span. Also very surprised that they didn't have a layer of stone beneath the pour. I think it's acceptable to lag the concrete to the house with rebar but in my opinion it would be preferable to add an expansion joint. I would call in a pro for a professional opinion so you have so ammo to go back after the builder. Good luck.

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