Sears Garage door opener questions

ejkcoloJuly 18, 2006

Been following several others with similar problems....not sure mine quite fits, so will check. When the button is pushed to close the door, it only starts to close, then reverses to open after only a few inches. Light flashes 10 times. The sensors at the floor do not have any lights on them to show they are working (looks like one has a red LED, other a green LED), yet all connections are good. Everything worked fine until just a few days ago. Door closes if you hold the wall button until it fully closes. Any time you release the button the door reverses. Can't find any indication of burned out parts, have tried to check the alignment of the sensors. Opens normally from either the remote or the wall button.

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The LED's are the lights everyone refers to. They must be lit for it to work. One of the sensors is a 'sending unit' and the other is a 'receiving unit'. The light on the receiving unit will only turn on when it is properly aligned and receiving an infrared signal from the sending unit. If neither LED is lit the sending unit is suspect. Check the wiring to the sensors. The sensor should be marked with a small decal as to sending and receiving.

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