Can you buy frozen cornbread?

bldn10February 21, 2013

Seems like these days you can get just about anything frozen but I've never seen frozen cornbread. Sticks, muffins, etc. Is it available and if not, why not? I've frozen sticks before and they did just fine.

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Probably because it's easy to make and there are many mixes.

Why do you want frozen cornbread? I see it ready made to buy at Safeway. Maybe other stores though that's the only one that leaps to mind.


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Maybe because it's usually served warm and to heat it up after freezing would cause it to over bake?

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I've never seen it frozen, but you can certainly buy prepared cornbread in every grocery store bakery, and freeze it. Not only plain cornbread but cornbread with blueberries (??) and cornbread with cranberries (??), and goodness knows what else - you can be prepared for any cornbread need.

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I don't know if I've ever even seen prepared cornbread for sale in my part of the South. Cornbread is sort of like biscuits here - they are usually prepared quickly just before serving. I never freeze leftovers but finish them off at the next meal. Both have a short shelf life, maybe that is why they aren't sold already prepared.


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I wonder if Boston Market has some? That's the first brand I would check.

I've never seen prepared cornbread of any kind (fresh or frozen) at a store, but then I wasn't looking. I freeze cornbread all the time. In fact, I tried a new wheat-free cornbread recipe that makes a 9x13-inch pan, which is a lot of cornbread for two people, and it freezes and reheats very well.


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I've never frozen cornbread, but I've frozen corn muffins, which are basically the same thing. The girls liked to be able to just grab a muffin from the freezer for breakfast when they were still home, have it with some yogurt or string cheese and it was a fast breakfast before school or work.

When I bake cornbread we usually have it first hot with a meal, then I crumble it into beans, make stuffing out of it, or make a cornbread salad. Elery also likes it cut into squares and toasted for kind of a cornbread crouton for salads or to top a bowl of chili. I sometimes also make a batch, use half of it for cornmeal pancakes or waffles and bake the other half.

I've never seen frozen cornbread for sale but the bakery section of the bigger grocery stores often have it available already baked.

I think it's one of those things that is just so easy and fast to mix up that it's not necessary to make it ahead.


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I can you assure you, it's available at the bakery in grocery stores - Whole Foods, Safeway, Wegman's, probably Trader Joe's, etc. And it's generally good. Grocery stores also sell it next to their hot prepared foods section, goes good with their chili, I guess.

It does all look the same - yellow, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap (I wonder if they make it themselves or order it in bulk). My DD bought it a couple of times, and it's not bad - moist and sweet.

I have my own good recipe, so I don't generally need to buy it. I also have memories of really AWFUL cornbread from past restaurant meals!

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Sorry, I never received a single notification of your replies.

Many of your suspected objections to frozen cornbread would also apply to other bakery goods as well so I don't think that's it. Kroger is by far the dominant grocery here in Memphis and the 2 I frequent do not have any frozen cornbread. I'll check the bakery next time.

I make sticks for myself every now and then and freeze what I don't eat right away - but even w/ a mix it is a mess cleaning the iron "pan," etc. I would eat vegetables more often if I had some cornbread a few clean minutes away.


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