Any Experience with Solar Shed Light

andrelaplume2June 1, 2011

I have a 10 x 16 shed. Outside I have mounted a westinghouse dual flood led solar powered light. It gives off enough light for me to get in and out of the shed. I paid $40 2 years ago and am happy with it but they do not sell it buy me anymore.

I am now looking for something similar to mount IN the shed. I'd like something solar powered with a motion detector that will allow me to putter around the shed in the dark from time to time...I am not looking to cut diamonds or anything like that....just need enough light to find a shovel or rake or whatever.

I see harbor freight has a number of lights incl a 36 led flood light for $21. Reviwes in general for all these HF lights are poor however I wonde if mine would hold up better since it would not be exposed to the outside...well the light part anyway.

Anyone have any experience with something like this....?

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I had a remote solar panel that was mounted on top of my carport, then there was about 15 feet of wire going to a spotlight connected to the small storage battery beneath the carport. It was motion activated. I used this for about 4 years until I sold the house. It did exactly what you are looking to do, and stayed on for about 30 seconds after I left the area. I did not park here, but I did pass through this area when taking out the trash or moving tools into the utility room off the carport.

Now I have two 15 watt solar panels and a full sized deep cycle battery that will provide power for my 12 x 16 foot garden shed. My DH frequently works late in the shed, since he puts up his tools in there after dark. The shed is a barn style roof with half of the roof facing south and is perfectly oriented for the solar panels. I think we could also run a small fan off this large battery (big enough to run the cabin lights on a boat), and I know that the boat supply store sells such fans. Our setup here is not motion detecting though. Incidentally, I bought both of the solar panels from the boating supply store too.

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