Sears 139.53615SR Garage Door Open Problems

leonramsJune 29, 2009

When I try to open the door I just hear a click, the light comes on but the motor does not run and the door dos not open. Any ideas?

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Have you had an electrical storm in your area? It sounds like your logic board has had it.

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No electrical storms. It opened OK and then would not close. I checked the motor and it is OK but it will not come on to operate the door.

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Okay you first say it won't open and now you say it won't close. At least you are not saying it won't do either. Check to see if the trolley is jammed against the bolt just in front of the motor unit. If so, remove the bolt and run the opener until the door closes. Now you need to adjust the 'up limit' which is on the side of the motor unit. Turn this about 3 turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Be sure to replace the bolt.

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