Gelato Is Only Temporary

mustangs81February 20, 2014

Aldi has imported gelato. I got Tiramisu, it's very good so I will try the other flavors which are fruit and berries. The clerk told me they would only have it temporarily, thank goodness!

As I mentioned recently, when in Italy I have gelato at least once a day. This was the best store I found on our trip, it's a Gelateria in Naples.

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teresa_nc7 my monitor screen is all gunked up from licking it! I've never seen containers so over-filled with gelato! One thing I was wondering about recently - can you get a tiny spoonful tasting before you make your choice?

What are your favorite flavors, Cathy?

Our Aldi's is just up the street from my house!

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Okay, now that I had my breakfast gelato I can answer your questions. Yes, you can get a tester (in Italy not Aldi). They use those little plastic gelato spoons.

I don't have one favorite as I haven't found one flavor that I didn't like. I do lean more towards flavors--amaretto, expresso, culce de Lece, tiramisu--but Aldi's fruit gelato looked really good.

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From my experience (including gelato shops in Italy, Switzerland and Israel), you can get tiny tasting spoons of a few before making your selections. Often, but not always, you can get two flavors when you request it even when getting a small - which is what I like to do if the shop is willing.

The displays often have the gelato prettily mounded with some of the flavor ingredients sprinkled on top similar to Cathy's photo.

It's hard to choose a favorite - there are so many great flavors. I often like to get a chocolate and a fruit, but I also really like pistachio

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When I lived in Venice (CA - not Italy!) there was a gelato shop down the street from me, about 3-4 blocks away. The owners were Italian, and so I could practice my Italian there. L.A. is full of gelato shops, and so I find them everywhere. There were two on the boardwalk in Venice and one by my bank in Marina Del Rey.

Hazelnut (or Frangelico) is my favorite flavor, but the shop in MDR has tiramisu flavor plus several versions of chocolate with hazelnut or Amaretto. I never thought to ask whether it was imported - I always assumed it was made locally. I guess I'll have to go back and find out!

At home I add Frangelico or Amaretto to my ice cream, but I also use various flavors of Kahlua. They now have mocha and hazelnut versions, both of which I love.


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Thanks, Cathy, there's a new Aldi in Big Rapids, so it's only 30 miles from me and I go there weekly (or more) to take care of stepmom, so I could stop.

Watch, they won't have it here. Probably a good thing, I've never had gelato and I'll probably really like it. Just what I need, I'm not a big fan of ice cream, so I'd better find something else fattening, LOL.


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Oh Cathy, that looks soooooo good! There is an Italian place in St Paul called Cosetta's that has the most wonderful gelato! Your photo reminded me of it. Sampled several flavors and got a scoop of a couple... if I remember, I settled on double chocolate and orange.

Aldi? Really? I'll have to look at the one in town and see if they carry it.


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There's an ice-cream parlour like that here. It takes a will of steel not to gorge sometimes. At least when it's hot, there's always a long queue so that helps !!!

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There is one downtown NYC, don't remember the name.

There is always a long line in front of the store. I found out why the long line.


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I hope I didn't mislead anyone, the Aldi's gelato is in a 30 ounce very hard to open container. I finished it off this morning, it was really good! We have gelaterias here, I've tried most but none measure up.

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A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.


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