Kentile questions

janicedallasMay 26, 2010

I have 1987 Kentile floors in the kitchen, breakfast room, and utility room and utility room bathroom that are 98% in good condition. Are they an asbestos problem? If so, how do I get rid of them? Do the hardwood flooring places take care of that or what????

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Be more specific. Describe the tiles. If they are solid vinyl made by Kentile, you have no asbestos issue.

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I'm pretty positive they are solid through and through because that is why I bought them originally. They are 9 " white brick pattern squares and I have no idea what floor glue was used. Thanks for your reply.

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If what you are describing is Kentile Colonial Brick vinyl tile, don't worry. Colonial Brick was only made in the 9" X 9" format; as far as I can remember there were no vinyl asbestos 9" X 9" tiles made by Kentile in a brick pattern.

The glue is probably an alcohol-based adhesive or a multi-purpose latex. Those adhesives contain no asbestos.

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thanks for your reply

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is there anywhere i can buy kentile colonial red brick pattern tile?

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