Garage Door sensors problem

rfort_atlantaJune 18, 2010

Using Genie Intellicode sensors.

The red one was flashing constantly.

The green one, the light does not come on at all.

I bought a new set of sensors, restripped the wire, but the new sensor does not work either.

So I am thinking this is a wiring problem? Or is there something else I should check?

Just for grins, I connected the original green sensor to wires on another garage door and the green light comes on. So the original sensor was good.

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If I understand correctly, you spliced the new sensors to the existing wires going to the operator. If that's the case, the problem may be a pinched wire.

If the wires are stapled too tightly to the door frames, which is common, they can be pinched by a staple, breaking the wire internally. This can show up after a long time or even be intermittent.

Check each wire carefully for staple pinches. If you find one, you will probably find more. If it is only pinched in one place, you can splice in a repair section. If there are multiple places, I suggest replacing all the wires.

The problem could also be in the operator.

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