Garage Door Sticking to floor

david_fritzJune 10, 2006

The rubber strip along the bottom of my garage door seems to be sticking to the concrete floor causing the door to jump and catch when the button is pushed. I have replaced the strip with a new one and applied a silicone spray along the bottom of the strip. It is still sticking. I have repeatedly cleaned the concrete flooring with various cleaners and sanded the area to remove any sticky substances. Still sticking. Do you have any ideas as to the cause of and or to the solution to this problem?

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Have you tried adjusting the downward force or the limit control so the weatherstrip isn't pressed so tightly to the floor?

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After all the corrective steps you have taken it is hard to visualize a rubber strip sticking to the floor. I would start looking for a mechanical problem. You didn't mention the make of opener you have but I would look for a broken door spring or a drive gear going bad.

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