allow me to say something about--made in china!

piercesunSeptember 2, 2009

Hi,everyone,I am Pierce from China.I worked in furniture business.

what i always heard and saw is "made in china" stand for low quality,cheap price..even garbage,"chinese agent" stand for un-trusted...

As a Chinese who doing furniture business, I would like to share some of my expirence with you.

1) Made-in-China means lower quality...

Most of the time,the inquiry from my customer comes with a target price which is really really low.Then,I will advise my customer what I can do best according to the target price.

So, think about it, the quality of the products have already be defined in certain level which you guys always compained..

2) Made-in-China means Copy, no design..

Some times,after China furniture fair, my customer send some pics or samples to me and ask for quote which they got from another supplier during the fair. Why, because the price!! The price is hiher because the supplier who spend more cost on develop new design.

So,in order to save cost, my customer ask me to copy!

3) Chinese agent means un-trusted

At the beginning of this year, I got a inquiry from one of my new customer. I have done a lot pre-work for the the supplier,cost analysed,ask for quotation,factory audit...what is the result??The customer make the business with factory directly after I bring him to the factory and I was out of the business!

So, as the factory, they do business with whoever, as my customer. Is that what we called credit???

I do accept your comments about Made in China and Chinese agent. However, please understand, that is not all our fault!

As we always said, things come for reasons.

thanks for your time

I would like to hear your comments

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Thank you for posting and verifying what many people in the USA have learned the hard way.

I am curious if recent crackdowns on illegally sourced timber and higher taxes on the export of Russian logs have caused Chinese furniture prices to rise? Rubberwood is still relatively cheap, but birch and oak from Russia and tropical hardwoods have risen? N. American hardwoods are low at the moment due to the weak housing market which impacts cabinet, moulding, and furniture demand.

There are many pieces of furniture Made in the USA today, and in the past, that have inferior quality standards. Many eventually get sold at yard sales and used furniture stores and then fixed (or tossed into the garbage) by the some owner. Generally, the same problems arise like poor quality joinery, weak or inferior glides, and poor choices for materials in the drawer sides and/or bottom.

My biggest problem with world trade is the lack of uniform standards between developing and developed countries. Companies in developing countries get to trash the environment, use stolen raw material, ignore worker rights, etc., and thus produce goods at a lower unit cost (i.e. it's not just the labor rate). To be fair, one could argue that USA companies should have the right to carryout the same practices in order to be competitive. Of course, no one here (USA) wants that, but we just allow this hypocrisy of "free" trade to go on. And then when oil prices get high again, the furniture jobs will probably come back to N. America because of high shipping costs for bulky goods. By then, China will have moved on to supplying its own people with such furniture and/or shifted to producing higher value goods.

I believe that all of this "free" trade happened because those few who wanted it for financial gain were able to pay off, in one way or another, our elected officials back in the 70's-early 2000's. Gullible economists assumed that everybody in the world would play fair and raise all standards. I guess economists like to ignore the lessons of history.

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We have different culture background and different live style.
Instead of complaining,I think it would be better for us to understand more of each other to make things better.

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I'm not complaining, just stating what I believe to be the facts. Yes, I disagree with the current trade policies and I have made my beliefs known to my elected representatives.

Things can change quickly in this world and don't assume that the current way of doing things will remain the same for very long. I think it has taken this severe recession for many citizens of the USA to question our policies in regards to many issues, including trade.

The USA had its period of reckless corporate entities trashing the worker and the environment. It resulted in labor unions, environmental protection, and a president that would "walk softly and carry a big stick." We just finished another period of reckless corporate financial activity that is being brought under control.

It's hard for me to believe that China's current Authoritarian Capitalist System is sustainable. Although western and eastern cultures have different views towards authority, the free flow of information in today's world favors individual freedoms. Your country is headed for democracy, it's just a matter of time.

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