Which reupholstery staple gun?

rosemonsterSeptember 21, 2009

I feel so stupid. I have stripped all the furniture in my home only to find I can't figure out what staple gun to buy to reupholster with.

I don't have an air machine or know how to use one, so I've been shopping for electric staple guns that could staple 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 & 9/16 inch wide staples. I bought a basic electric staple gun from home depot. This didn't work. Staples are much thicker then the ones I removed and won't penetrate the upholstery and wood anyway. When I search upholstery staplers, I can't find any that shoot 1/8" crown staples, I don't know how to determine the thickness of the staples it will shoot, and I think the measurement of staple it shoots may actually be the length not the width of the staple. I was also surprised at how expensive the ones on line were. Found $200-$1500, ouch!

Can anyone short cut me to what I am trying to find, both staple wise and staple gun? I'd so appreciate any help.

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Electric (and hand) staple guns often don't have enough umph to set staples. A common hand and electric staple is the T-50. These are not the best.

The ones I use are (round wire) 22 gauge, 5/8" crown. I use 3/8" leg. I staple regularly (a few times a week), but not all day long every day (in the last five years, I've gone through 25,000 staples). I have a Porter-Cable US58 (decoded 5/8" upholstery stapler). You can get more expensive models that will run all day long for decades, but I don't need them. Duo-Fast, Senco, BeA, Rainco, and Maestri are common brands.

You do not need much of a compressor to run a stapler -- it is a really low demand tool. You can get an inexpensive compressor for less than $100.

You might also check out a rental store and see if you can rent both of these, buy them used on Craig's List, sell when you are done, etc. You might also check out a local upholstery supply house to see if they have any used units.

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Is simple:
- Plug it into the hose
- Set the pressure to 70 to 80 PSI
- Put it in place
- Keep your other hand out of the way
- Pull the trigger

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Oh, thanks so much. I have used the links and have both items saved to my amazon cart. Since your description of the air machine made it sound so simple, I've decided to not be afraid to get one. Both items were much cheaper than the other ones I saw.

Trouble is it looks like I still may not be able to use an 1/8" crown staple, right?

What I had pulled out of 4 of the chairs I stripped were 1/8" wide by 1/4" long staples that looked like brass and very thin. Also, I'm still not sure what to look for to ensure I'm buying thin staples, is it just the word "fine wire"? I saw a chart on guages so maybe the 22 guage is thin?? I'm still a little lost here.

Any chance you happen to know about this part? Thanks again.

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If you look down the link on the stapler page, you will see the staples to use for this gun.

I am not familiar with the brass staples you describe. I also have a 1/4 narrow crown stapler, but I don't think that's what you mean. It's too much for all but extreme upholstery

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The link below will show you a picture of some 1/8" wide brass staples I pulled out next to a 1/4" or 3/8" wide staple for comparison. The brass nail head link on the chair is continuous. Each nail head is attached to the next one with a tiny piece of brass, then stapled on instead of nailed on. Similar to the ones you nail every fifth nail, but these don't get nailed at all. The staples are almost invisible over the tiny brass links.

I'm just assuming they are made of brass. Could be anything. Just wanted to show you what I'm talking about.

If you ever hear of the staple gun for these and/or the staples, please let me know. Thanks for the cool links and all your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: pictures of the 1/8

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Hey bobsmyuncle, I finally got to use my new staple gun and air compressor today for the first time. I am soooo glad you gave me this advice. Oh my word, what a big fat difference. I could shoot nice thin 3/8" staples through 3 layers of material and thick foam. The staples went so far into the wood that you can't see them at all. The gun and compressor were super easy to use and not half as loud as the reviews I read. I think if I still can't find the gold staples when I get to the brass head strips, I'll be OK anyway because these staples really don't show at all. Thanks so much for the advice and links. You've saved my project.

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Glad to help.

A good technique is not to turn up the pressure so high that the staple gets buried. You will thank me when it comes time to pull the staples out.

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I have an Arrow JT 21 manual stapler and it is getting difficult to use - not enough hand pressure. I'm thinking about getting a light to medium duty electric stapler instead. I need lightweight, cord not battery and easy to use and refill - any ideas?
Appreciate any help you can give me.

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Maestri #7 Pro Electric Stapler. It was about $160. online.
I posted a link (below) that will have some more info.
Let us know what you decide to get.
Also, post your before and after pics on the Home Decor Forum.
It's inspiring to see how furniture can be refreshed & transformed : )


Here is a link that might be useful: Upholstery Post from Home Decor Site

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