Evertile Flooring Co / Locktile-usa.com NOT recommended

yadax3June 24, 2007

In the event anyone here is considering a purchase from Evertile Flooring Comapany, manufacturers of Locktile, I want to share my experience and warn others.

A couple of months ago we placed a fairly large order (1,100 sq. ft.) for Locktile to finish our workshop/garage floor. Evertile charged our credit card in full when the order was placed. Long story short, they promised and failed to ship our flooring no less than three (3) times. They never contacted us to let us know about a delay. We just called every time it didn't arrive and they'd make another unkept promise to ship it. Finally, due to frustration with the poor customer service, we decided to cancel our order. That was four (4) weeks ago and we still haven't received a refund so I've filed a claim with our credit card company.

Thanks for listening and BUYER BEWARE!

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Annette Holbrook

I bought Locktile for my basement 3+ years ago. I had no trouble with the initial order. A few months after we installed, we noticed some tiles were peeling, it was very odd. I called them and they knew about the issue, something to do with cleaning solvents getting in the system. Anyway they promised to send me replacements, which didn't come. I had to call 4-5 times over the next few months to finally get my replacements. I wasn't thrilled with that.
Oh, and just a general impression, the people I dealt with on the phone were not very helpful or friendly.
If I were going to do more like this tile, I'd go with Tuff tile or the stuff from Greg Smith Equipment.

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I was quite impressed with LockTile-usa.com and I ordered from them for two projects, A basement in 2003 its used for a youth gruop, so it gets lots of usage and it's holding up really nicely and again for a garage in March 2008. Both are holding up great.

The first time I installed it, we messed up a couple of tiles during the installation, after a quick phone call, they sent me a free replacement, even though it was my fault. About 6 months after the installation, a couple of tiles were coming up around the edge, it seems that they were not cut well, and again they replaced it free of charge, they only charged me like $3 for shipping.

$3 is not bad at all.

I was quite impressed with the service, especially in today's world.

Maybe you should have asked for a supervisor.

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"Maybe you should have asked for a supervisor."

Actually, I did. But should you really need to speak with a supervisor about ordinary shipping issues? It certainly doesn't say much for their staff training or oversight of their operations if you do.

As a follow up to my original post, I was contacted by the head honcho some time after I cancelled my order and he offered me a discount if I would reorder. However, by then they had caused me so much aggravation with the delays and phone calls, not to mention the hassle to get my refund, I wasnÂt about to give them a chance to do it all over again. I knew there were plenty of companies out there who'd appreciate my business. And I was right. We've had no problems with the flooring I purchased from JNKproducts.com and their customer service was very responsive - as it should be.

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