Stressless sofas - worth the price?

homeownermvSeptember 29, 2011

We shopped extensively for comfortable reclining sectionals that also looked good (not like something that came out of the living room in the 80's). So far, Ekornes Stressless sofas come closest to what we're looking for in both style and function. However, the price tag for the kind of sectional we want is well over $12K!!! My husband can't believe anyone would spend that much on a set of sofas. Can anyone who owns stressless furniture comment on whether it's worth the cost? Dropping that much money makes me worried that if the sofas have quality issues or don't last that long, we'd really regret it down the road.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

If your husband even has to think about the 12k expense then it probably is not worth it. Leave them things to pro football players and soon to be broke/bailed out bankers.

How much better could it be than a 3k sectional?

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We also tried out the Ekornes Stressless furniture, although it was nice (and exspensive) it didn't suit our needs. If you are the type to put your feet up, and lay down occaisionally, then it might not be a good fit.

Why not consider a custom made sofa?

That is the way we went. Getting the back rake, seat height, seat depth, sofa profile among a miriad of other measurements and the materials (we chose different material for the piping to the seat and back material as well as the filling for the cushions) allowed us to get the right fit and exactly the sofa we wanted.

Good luck.

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I am not really sure whether this is completely outside your price range or whether you have sticker shock, but I think they have a really good reputation. This is completely outside my price range so I don't have personal experience. I generally try to analyze things like this, I know people who will spend $1000 on a sofa every four years or so, so it would be similar to spending $5000 on a sofa and keeping it for 20 years. If you don't think you would be interested in doing that regardless of the quality of the sofa, the $12K sofa may not be a good investment. However, if you would keep indefinitely it might be worth it to you.

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Thanks for the replies. We are willing to pay the premium for stressless but are not sure if it's worth the price. So therefore we're hoping that folks who have owned this can share their experience. If no one has owned it, I guess that says something too. :)

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We have both Ekornes Stressless chairs and a sofa, so this is a biased viewpoint. The chairs are especially wonderful: very comfortable and infinitely adjustable. Whenever one of us is sick, we've been known to sleep in one of the chairs: we think it has therapeutic powers!

We've acquired the three chairs over 25 years, so that spread the cost out. They clearly last, even in a house that's always had pets as well as people using the furniture.

The sofa also is comfortable -- though its an older 1995 model. The only down side to the sofa was not being able to sleep on it, because the one we have is like three separate chairs joined together. But it is a beautiful piece of furniture and has withstood the test of time.

Palimpsest is right. Some of the decision rests on your approach to furniture and decorating -- and what makes something "worth it" to you. To us, the Ekornes furniture has been worth the cost because of comfort, style and longevity. YMMV, of course.

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You might also take a look at Hjellegjerde. They are also produced in Norway. They make a similar product and they cost less. The Stressless product is an excellent product. Stressless marketting does limit the number of dealership and they don't allow discounting except for an authorized factory sale in which they might offer a discount in a certain leather. I think stores can also sell floor samples off at a discount with certain restrictions. Their policies are very strict. If a store deviates from these they can loose their franchise. I have never heard of anyone who purchased a stressless product who didn't like it but they don't give them away.

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I got 2 chairs from Savvy Home/Savvy Leather Sofas. They've got all the models and options on their site, so I could customize them in the color I wanted. We got free delivery, but had to put them together when they arrived. Luckily that was easier than I thought it would be. The chairs are great--the whole family loves them--we almost argue about who gets to sit. My husband and I usually win that argument over the kids :P

We'd buy more--but they're definitely not cheapp...

Here is a link that might be useful: Savvy Leather Stressless

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I have a Stressless Space + ottoman, purchased in 2008, and I'm planning to purchase a Magic or Voyager model sometime in the next year. I love my Space, it's by far the most comfortable and well-made chair I've owned (and it should be, for the $). I've found the leather (Paloma brandy) to be very durable, the only blemish is a discolored ring in the shape of my coffee cup (duh!). It otherwise has weathered 5 years of daily use (including the last year during which my 2YO uses it for a trampoline). The ottoman still glides across the floor like liquid silver. Both are beautiful as well as functional.

I can only vouch for my own experience, but the quality of construction + materials are why I'm very carefully considering dropping $3500 (hurts to even write that!) on another Stressless chair.

I had back surgery many years ago and often have pain and stiffness at the end of the day. What I love most about my Space (and this also scares me, slightly) is that I can sit in it for long stretches at a time without feeling the need to get up and stretch my legs. It's like I'm weightless. I also love that I can have a conversation or watch TV fully reclined, without craning my neck or going cross-eyed.

BTW, has anyone found an outlet or place to buy these at a discount, even a small percentage? The pricing seems very uniform across retailers. I bought my Space at a furniture store that was going out of biz, and recently I saw an ad for a promotion that included a free accessory (like the coveted computer table that retails for $500) with purchase of select Stressless models, but nothing else.

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Pricing for Stressless products is carefully controlled by the manufacturer. If you are a retailer and deviate from this they will cut you off.

About all you can get is a clearance item at a discount or perhaps a leather upgrade approved by the factory. They make a very good product but don't give it away.

One other option Hjellegjerde from Norway comparable and a bit less money and generally available in the US and I think they don't have the pricing restrictions Stressless does.

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I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Voyager from Vitalityweb. The chair was a display model so I was lucky to get 30% off. It will arrive on Weds. My back already feels better.

Just FYI, but you can find deals on the Royal and Memphis/Savannah line as I understand they have been discontinued. I was very close to choosing a Royal model instead, but the Voyager just looks too cool.

Can't believe I've become such an old fart as to get excited about a chair, but I can't wait to sink my heiney into that Paloma leather.

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It is highly unlikely that these chairs will provide a good useful life of 20+ years even if the workmanship, the leathers, the frame structure, and the mechanisms are very high quality. They have foam cushioning, and age alone will cause it to deteriorate before so many years. And use accelerates the deterioration.

Additionally, it is almost certain that these products are priced higher than their value in a competitive marketplace since the manufacturer goes to such lengths to control the prices charged by retailers. There would be no need to control retail prices unless a freely competitive market would result in a lower price.

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Value is subjective of course...I have a current model Ekornes Stressless recliner that I purchased used in good condition for $600. I had been about to purchase one new on sale for $2,000 but ultimately decided the value wasn't there relative to financial resources at the time. For $600 I am happy with my purchase as the chair is the best option I have found for my lower back issues. Cons: (1) aesthetically they are ugly (also subjective, but for the price of a new one you should be able to get something more than a circa 1990 look) (2) the leather is subpar relative to the price (3) the lumbar support is just adequate for my needs (better than an overstuffed LazyBoy, but still allows by lumbar spine to curve outwards in any position other than upright). That said, if the chair fits you and feels better to your body than the alternatives, and you can afford's worth it.

What I can unequivocally recommend is that you do not purchase the Stressless Computer Table for any price. I had been using a $20 laptop tray (placed on my lap) and thinking the Stressless table had to be be better, I found one on eBay (new) for $100 and have been attempting to use it for two hours now. My $20 plastic tray is much more useable, convenient and unobtrusive. The Stressless Computer Table is poorly engineered and an ergonomic flop when it comes to actually working on a laptop. It seems to be designed to fit all three sizes of the Ekornes chair, and it doesn't fit my Large well at all. The tightening mechanism for horizontal swing is plastic, requires excessive force (I have a strong grip) to tighten, and still requires that the tray be turned at a steep horizontal angle so that the bottom edge is pushed into your lap to prevent the weight of your hands from pushing the tray away from you as you type.

I'm willing to bet that no Ekornes executive actually uses this tray to work on a laptop.

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Yes, very expensive but well worth the price. The quality of the leather and construction is excellent. I have a friend who has a stressless chair for over 20 yrs and it still looks good. We have one for 10+ yrs and it still looks new. Well worth the money. We are currently looking into adding a stressless couch.

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I agree with Jlosc, I bought 2 chairs in 2006 when after going to a 1/2 dozen furniture stores including Lazy boy and could not find a recliner my husband could sit in comfortably. He has bad Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease in his neck and back. We saw and tried the Stressless chairs at the 2nd store we went to and he tried them all and he found a style that fit him perfectly and sat in with no pain. We did not buy them right away because of the price and tried to find something else less expensive. Needless to say we ended up back and bought a pair of them, 1 of the best investments we ever made. I am only sorry we did not get a sofa. BTW they still look good even with the amount of time we spend in them. They are the only chairs we sit in for any length of time.

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We purchased the Liberty Highback sofa and love seat and hate it. It is the most uncomfortable furniture and the biggest purchase mistake we ever made. Do not purchase this furniture with out being able to return it and if they do not let you do that, sit for hours in it before you buy. We are trying to sell it for less than half of the 12K we paid for it....that's how bad it is. Tried corporate and got no relieve other than to call the store we bought it from. Their advise was to sell it on Craigslist. That was expected as they had the worst com stormer service. Wish I cancelled the order once the seller started being jerks.

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We purchased two matching Stressless recliners with ottomans back in 2000. They are the most comfortable, and the most expensive chairs we have ever had, but worth every penny.

We tried on different chairs and picked the style, size, leather and color we loved the most.

They are so well made with superb material, and workmanship. After all these years, they are still in perfect shape. They were expensive then but we noticed the price has been going up every since.

Over the years, we really want to purchase a Stressless sofa, but they all are like 3 chairs jointed together, very comfortable to sit on individual seat, but not comfortable to sleep across, such as while watching TV. The edges of seats are in the way. I have tried all of them, but could not find a comfortable one.

Hope Stressless would redesign a sofa for us to comfortably sleep on, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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