Garage doors just built with Pressure Treated wood

roseybJune 17, 2010

Hello, I live in the Boston area. I just had carriage doors for my garage replicated. The builder used pressure treated wood. Am I going to regret this? I know I have to let them dry out and then paint them next season/year. Was this a good move?

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The biggest problem I see is that pressure treated wood usually has a pretty high moisture content and as it dries, tends to shrink, crack, warp, etc. Now there is kiln dried pressure treated wood that helps reduce those problems but it still has a higher moisture content that woods typically used to build doors.

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That is pretty good to prevent rot. It might take a few months to dry out before painting, but it should never rot and last a long time. Sounds like he did a good job using that vice regular wood.

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There are numerous grades and types of pressure treated wood.

There is even some available that is re-dried and surfaced after treatment.
It comes with a bigger price tag, but would be very good for something like a garage door were warping during drying would cause problems.

I use it for exterior trim in smaller thickness that is near doors.

Less than 1 inch thick trim has always had issues with water.

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