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trucker8May 7, 2011

We are replacing the carpet in our home. This includes steps and the kids rooms and playroom. We are looking for a carpet that is going to wear well on the steps (most important)and that will do well with stains. The stair case is very dated and will be replaced in the future (5-7 years) and want to make sure that we dont over buy on carpet since the staircase railing and treads will all be replaced with wood flooring once the kids are older (5-7 years). So with that in mind what would be the best product specs to look for in a carpet.... ptt vs nylon....frieze vs. short pile carpet and what density range would be appropriate for this application. We just want it too look nice for the 5-7 years so we are not having to rip up twice before we replace the steps permently. I think price wise we could go up to $25/syd Thanks for all your information!!!!

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a frieze, smartstrand or nylon and something with a texture retention warranty. Look specifically to see if there is an exclusion for stairs. S'martstrand does great on 'stains' and very resistant to matting etc. Density isn't really an issue since frieze tend to be little 'looser'. The key is the twist to the yarn and the fact that your walking on sides of the yarn vs the 'tips' so 'wear' isn't much of a factor.

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Ok here are the two that we are choosing..could you provide your preference and why.

Phenix N112 Winter Park BCF Poly 10 yr texture retention 42 oz
A tigressa nylon Fox Lake 15 Year texture retention 30 face weight 6.1 twist

We like the look pf the winter park better, but both are the same price and we feel like the tigressa is a better deal. Our main concern is the steps and what is going to look best after 5 years and we can compromise on style as long as it is a texture or shorter frieze or even a "standard" carpet.

so whats your opinion?

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The poly will not do well at all vs the Nylon. Polyesters just normally do not wear well. Our claims are almost always polyester issues. Go with Nylon. Good luck

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agree, the nylon would always win out over a poly

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