Genie GDO - operator runs, door not responding

hookemJune 4, 2007

I have a Genie GCG 350ML (chain glide, 0.5 HP, bought in 2004) opener that has been giving me a lot of trouble.

Currently, the opener makes a buzzing sound (can't call it a hum) when I hit the wall/remote button but the door does not move.

When I try to close the door using the opener, I expect the chain to move away from the opener and pass through the carriage. But the chain moves a couple of inches and stops. On pressing the wall control button again, the chain reverses direction. The door does not move at all.

When I try to open the door using the opener, the chain moves towards the opener but the door does not open. Once the chain reaches the open limit, it reverses direction.

I have replaced the worm and drive gears as well as the circuit board. I have checked to make sure that the door is balanced and I even got a repairman to take a look at the whole thing. Apart from urging me to replace the opener, he had no other solution to offer. I am able to open and close the door manually. I have also fiddled with the limit force switches and it has not changed anything.

Could this be a problem with the carriage mechanism? Genie's customer service (btw, very efficient) also does not have any suggestions. Have any of you seen this problem before? Can one of the experts please shed some light on what could be goinf on here?



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If Genie could not tell you whats wrong with it then we won't be able to either. Sorry, Genie has extremely knowledgable techs and in my experiences have always provided me with an answer. I would have to have to look at this one myself. Again I am sorry for not being able to help more, not much you can do over the computer at this point.

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Thanks anyway, doorguy.
I found that the operator housing (plastic) is cracked in a couple of places and as soon as I mentioned this to the people at Genie, they said that I needed to get myself a new power head. At this point, I decided to ditch the unit and have now got myself a new one.

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