color of outdoor extension cords

phyllis__mnJune 18, 2008

Do they have certain colors for each gauge? I've noticed that different brands follow the same colors, i.e. yellow for 12 gauge, etc. I was going to buy a 12 gauge today, but saw the color was the same as the one I have at home for outdoor use.

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not to my knowledge. i know hardwire is color coded jackets, but as far as the cord is concerned i have seen every guage in every color!

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I was afraid of that....I see now that the one I have is not nearly the size of the 12 gauge I saw in the store. SIL says he has a couple of the latter that I can have. I just bought an electric corded mower, and the grass may get rather high by the time he gets back to me with the cords! Anyway, thanks for your input.

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"i know hardwire is color coded jackets"

Only certain brands,
It is not a code requirement.

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i did not know that brickeye. i figured it had changed in teh code since white=14, yellow=12, etc.. no matter where you buy it now here. i guess the older all white regardless of guage is still available, though not in my area. i know many inspectors like you using the color coded so they can tell at a glance across teh room if it is proper guage or not.

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