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wxman5June 25, 2011

My shop has several large windows that slide open for ventilation. I put mini blinds over them for security and to block out the sun, especially this time of year. They're are always dirty and tend to gum up with dust, sawdust, and grime.

My blinds are starting to disintegrate with age and I was wondering if I should put the same type in, again. These lasted about 10 years.

Any suggestions on alternatives or at least how to clean them? We like the looks of blinds, but they are a mess.

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Ten years out of a set of mini-blinds sounds pretty good to me but I do understand the hassle keeping them clean in a workshop environment. Maybe some kind of curtain that could be laundered would be a better idea???

As for cleaning mini-blinds my method is a bit odd but I've had good luck with it. I'd only use it on blinds with metal or plastic slats. You'll need a warm, sunny day with low humidity and a breeze. Also some place outdoors to hang up the blinds while you clean them (like a fence or the railing of a deck). Get a pump-up type sprayer and a gallon of degreaser. Mix up the degreaser according to the directions in the sprayer. Spray down the blinds with degreaser, which should cause the dirt just to run off. Then rinse well with a hose. Allow to dry in the sun (you may want to give them a bit of a "shake" to get off the excess water).

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Thanks, Mike. Yeah, I'm probably being kind of cheap hoping inexpensive blinds would last more than 10 years. As for your cleaning method, do the strings hold up very well getting wet like that?

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The strings aren't the problem, you don't want the mechanism to rust. That's why you need a warm, breezy day so that the water can evaporate before it causes problems.

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