Anyone heard of AllFlor Epoxy for Garage?

sailormassJune 20, 2012

Hi--I'm moving into a newly-constructed house in a couple of weeks and have been thinking about using an epoxy paint on the garage and possibly the cellar floor. My concern is that an epoxy coating might be slippery and we get a fair amount of snow and rain in the winter where I live.

My local paint store guru, who seems very knowledgeable, recommended California Paint's AllFlor� Epoxy Fortified Acrylic Floor Enamel. This is a one-part epoxy and, according to my paint guy, is not slippery.

Has anyone used this? Any thoughts about slipperiness, even with anti-skid stuff added?


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The non-skid stuff I used was included in the Quikrete clear epoxy kit. It gave the finished floor a slightly rough feel much like 120 grit sandpaper but it doesn't snag a fiber dust mop. One recommended by many in my research was Sharkgrip. I used a clearcoat to protect the flakes in the color coat underneath and to make cleaning easier.

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