Door closes in fits and starts

guttsacheJune 10, 2007

During cold weather (and I live in Canada), my garage door opener will make the door close about a foot then start to go back up again. By having a quick finger on the control, I can stop its upward progress, and send it down again, a little further this time, and then it starts to go back up once more. It probably takes me about 10 of these stop-start manouevres to get the door all the way down and closed.

It's an old model and doesn't have electric eyes. It works better in the summer. Anyone got any ideas for a fix? Of course, I can always install a new closer, but that goes against the grain!


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Try increasing the 'down force' just a bit. You will find it near where all those white wires go. Don't overdo it as it affects the door safety system.

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Thanks, Don, it seems to have done the trick. Mind you, I'll reserve final judgement until next December when we've got a foot of snow on the ground!
But thanks for your speedy advice.

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