Opinions on 1 double door vs 2 single doors for my garage

addfamilyJune 8, 2011

We're looking to build a garage on to the back of our lot in our Urban, Downtown area. The garage will face a small side street that is rarely traveled. The lot is NARROW at a staggering 25', so that's the most we have to use for a two-car garage.

We'll have an entry door and then enough room for two cars. So, what do you think? Do we squeeze two 9' doors in there, which is more aesthetically pleasing as well as the entry door? (This idea doesn't leave much for space between cars or on the walls.) Or, do we make it more economical and add some space on the sides for storage by puting one 18' door in?

We have 1 SUV (Nissan Xterra) and 1 sedan, so no big trucks. However, I'd like to have as much room as possible and not have to worry with squeezing in and out.

So, even though it's not as pretty, do we just do one big ole door since hardly anyone sees it?

Thanks for any opinions in advance.

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Consider tandem or a second floor for storage.. Also consider the snow and the garage access.
I think a 3' door and a "double door" for the automobile would be good..
Also consider the activities, such as washing the car, maybe a car port is better, or a combo port and garage...
For some reason, ever since the days of the Model T , garages have been poorly designed, generally too small..
The automobile is not a prisoner, to be confined in the smallest possible cell...
Automobiles are ever becoming larger as are our possessions.
If no-one ever sees it, why even have a door ??

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