Is wire brushed hardwood just a trend?

oliversmumMay 13, 2014

We are trying to decide between Mullican Muirfield Natural/Select hickory solid flooring or the stained Williamsburg wire brushed option. I understand that wire brushed floors have already had the 'soft' wood removed so I'm curious about refinishing them. I believe w/ sanding, they'll lose some/all of the texture, but I saw on that they can't be refinished as often or as easily. Anyone have experience w/ this?

Secondly, I'm not a fan at all of the supposedly handscraped floors out there because they all look very uniform to me. Would wire brush look the same when installed over 400 square feet of space?

Lastly, anyone have any opinions about wire brushing as just one of the latest trends? I've seen more about wire brush finishes (and oil finishes) than I've ever seen before. It seems like it could just be popular because it's something different just now, but hasn't really been tested (at least in pre-finished versions) over time.

I welcome any and all opinions!

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Everything is a trend. Especially when you pick something "fashionable". 2 1/2" strip oak isn't a trend, and it's never gone away either.

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Wire brushing is fine the way I look at it, especially if the house's architectural design works well with brushed wood. Handscaped however is another matter entirely; few factory produced SKUs look authentic...with the majority looking mostly phony... In my humble opinion.

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