Separate Garage Door Opener Forum?

sophiescottageJune 16, 2006

If you're not having garage door-opener problems, it's difficult to wade through all these posts to find other subjects.

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Yes you are exactly right. What kind of problem is it you are having?

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Hi Don, thanks for your response. I am not exactly having a problem...yet. I am giving my garage a makeover and I came here for ideas, and also to try to find out about a painting treatment for garage floors that I had seen once before. Found it, Rustoleum Garage Floor Coating. Thank you, GardenWeb user. :o)

I found a lot of great ideas here, but had a hard time wading through the garage door-opener posts and just thought it would be nice to put all of them in a subforum.

Just a thought. Thanks again for offering help.

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Hi, I tried a long time ago to get a separate forum but it fell on deaf ears. Maybe now with more posts it can happen. Door openers are probably used more and cost less than anything else in the home so there is going to be lots of problems. They also very quickly become a "can't do without it item." Hope you are successful with your project.

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I totally agree, we need a seperate forum and people need to search and read others problems before posting. I think we can see in subject line alone not to buy a craftsman opener. I have a hard time believing that there are that many different issues

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Before this forum was created, all those with garage door opener problems posted on the "home repair" forum. Made me decide to never buy a craftsman opener, too. I agree that if someone took two minutes to do a simple search it would stop a lot of needless posting. But after being on various internet forums over the years I've realized two things: (1)People are dumb
(2)People are lazy


Here is a link that might be useful: Craftsman Door Openers

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Hi, my Craftsman door doesn't open properly either. It opens and closes using the wall device; it opens with the remote in the car but will not close. I've gone through three remotes. Oddly, after I reset the codes, replace batteries in them, etc., it will sometimes work once, and then not again. it is driving me insane. I lost two bicycles to thieves one day because I was in a rush and left the door open because the remote didn't work. Same problem no matter what the temperature. I recall reading somewhere that the lightbulb might be an issue but I removed mine and it didn't help.

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Stumpy said:

"But after being on various internet forums over the years I've realized two things: (1)People are dumb
(2)People are lazy"

You said it! ;)

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etaoin11, when you try to close your garage door what does it do? Does it start to close and then reopen? What does it do when you use the wall control? Does the main light flash 10 times? Post back and I will help with this problem.

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I guess etaoin11's problem wasn't severe enough for him/her to post a second time. I just love it when people do things like that. Don't even bother to follow up on a question they ask. Oh well. I'll just file that under number 2, I think.


Of course, after reading this, they'll probably be embarassed that they were so rude and say they were at their grandmother's house/in jail/slept late all week/etc...

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PLEASE!!!!! ANOTHER FORUM FOR OPENERS!!!! While I may not be a large help to this board, I do have some knowledge and try to help whenever I can. I enjoy building and have done a little bit of everything but master of none. The opener questions are so overwhelming that Im about to stop even checking the forum.

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There is a heading for "letters and comments" at the bottom of the page. I think that is where you should direct your comments regarding additional forums.

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Out of the first 30 posts that popped up, 20 had to deal with garage door openers.

That is 66.66% of this forum.

I agree with Stumpy

"(1)People are dumb
(2)People are lazy


Of course I haven't been past page one... Put me in with #2



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On the right side of your screen you will find a couple arrows and a blue rectangle. With a little practice you can use these to scan this forum. Lotsa' luck.

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The past couple of weeks, my Genie garage door opener has started to become unreliable. I've got two remotes that came with the unit, but use the remote in my cars visor the past 5 years or so. Recently, the door wouldn't open when I came home from work using the remote on the visor. I went into the garage and unplugged the main unit thinking that would reset it. It seemed to work, as when I went back out to the car the door then opened when I clicked on the remote. after a couple of days, the door again would not open, and again I did the unplug to reset routine. When it next failed to respond, the unplug to reset routine didn't seem to do the trick. I ended up going into the house and getting both original remote controls and alternately unplugging the unit and trying either remote. Eventually, after perhaps a dozen tries, the door finally opened. As I said, this has been getting progressively worse over the past two weeks, and I've been lucky as the door has opened every morning when I've needed to leave for work. However, this past Sunday I needed to go out in the early afternoon, and the door would not open. The reset trick did not work. I tried both remotes and the visor remote after attempting to reset the unit by unplugging it dozens of times. But being nearly 100 degrees outside, I had to go back in the house to cool down, as the garage was very much like an oven. I went back out a couple more times throughout the day, attempting to reset the unit without success, each time having to give up because of the heat. I finally got the door to open around 10pm and was able to back the car into the driveway. The door seemed to respond to the remote on the visor to close, but that was the end of it. It would not open again. The next morning as I was leaving for work, I tried the remote just for fun, and I'll be dipped if the door didn't open right up. I closed it and left for work. When I got home, I parked in the driveway, but tried the remote again, just for fun, it opened and closed without a hitch three times in a row. The next morning however, as I was leaving for work, the door was unresponsive again. One thing I'd noticed was that the wall switch in the house which had been failing over the years, finally stopped working entirely. I didn't know if there was a contact inside the switch that was stuck interferring with the units operation or something, so I took the switch apart. I tried connecting the various contacts directly with a screwdriver, but detected no response at all. I took the ground wire off and tried touching it directly to the other wires, but again detected no response at all. Not being familiar at all with troubleshooting radio control devices like this, I'm still wondering if the failed wall switch is somehow involved in this, so tonight I located someone selling the switch for my unit and ordered it up. Should be here by the weekend. But I happened upon this forum and thought maybe someone can direct me as to how to troubleshoot and fix an automatic garage door opener thats begun to behave erratically like this. Much rather fix this one than buy another, if possible. Any help will be appreciated. Don't see how to subscribe to this thread, but I'll check back in a day or so to see if I've had any responses... Thanks

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As you are quickly learning there is nothing more frustrating than an intermittent problem. I think you have done quite well so far. With the wires disconnected from the wall switch is there any change in the operation of the opener?

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Thanks, Don...
I hadn't tried leaving the switch disconnected during my previous testing, but after seeing your post I could see the logic, as when a switch is not depressed the circuit is open, and the concern here is that the switch was not releasing and keeping the circuit closed. So, I went back downstairs and disconnected the wires from the switch and then tried the door with one of the remotes that came with the unit. After quite a bit of time spent getting out a ladder, climbing up to the unit and inspecting it, checking the switches on both ends of the guide that houses the wormscrew, unplugging the drive unit and plugging it back in in an attempt to 'reset' it, and so on, I finally tried the remote on the visor once again. The door now opened. Seems the original remote's battery was strong enough to light the LED pretty brightly, but not actually strong enough to still send a strong signal. So, having figured that out, I tried the door with the visors remote a couple more times. The door opened and closed successfully twice and then became unresponsive once again. I went back into the garage and unplugged the unit and plugged it back in once more, but it was no good. That was about all the testing I had in me for tonight. I'm starting to think about sending a note to the Genie corporation and ask them if the radio control recievers in these things ever just wear out or have an expected lifespan. I've never heard of anything like that, but then again, I've never had one fail on me before, either...

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Well, I did send a note to Genie Door Company, and their response what that yes, these units do wear out and become unreliable. Intermittent operation as I decribed is what happens. Their only recommendations were 1)ensure that my remotes have fresh batteries in them, and 2) make sure there are no forms of electical interferrence near the receiver unit such as a washer or dryer. Hard to believe all 3 remotes batteries could all be that weak, but I suppose it is possible as my car is now 5 years old, and its probably been longer than that since I changed the batteries in the original remotes. So, the new wall switches are on the way, and I'll pick up some fresh batteries for the original remotes in the next couple days. If it is the batteries, they're a lot cheaper and a lot less aggravation than getting the receiver unit repaired or replaced... :-) Then I'll just have to see what it takes to replace the battery in the car visor remote, if that turns out to be the fix...

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Well, I did replace the battery in one of the original remotes, and the unit seemed to respond faster when it did respond... but it still only works for a few times and then stops responding... seems the unplugging of the unit does reset it, as when it becomes unresponsive so far unplugging the unit and plugging it back in straightens it out again on the first try. Got the new wall switch, but the unit is not responding to the switch at all... so, I'm a bit stumped at this point... wonder what it might take to have the unit repaired... looks like another note to Genie is in order....

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I have a Sears Craftsman, the circuit board # is 41A4315-7D. The LED light on the back of the circuit board will blink 5 times, pause for 1 or 2 seconds, then blinks five more times, pause for a little longer, and then will repeat the blinking. I don't have a manual, and can't find anything online that will tell me what the circuit board is trying to tell me. I have unplugged from the outlet and have reset the breaker. Nothing seems to work, please help!

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That code you are seeing is "RPM sensor or motor overload." The most common cause for this is the trolley (the thing the chain and the door is attached to) has gone too far and is jammed against a bolt just in front of the motor unit. If so, remove the bolt and then turn the 'up limit' about 3 turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. The 'up limit' is a control on the side of the opener. You will need a small screwdriver.

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Gosh, even with a specific heading of "Separate Garage Door Opener Forum"...people are still posting door opening problems in this posting. Geez. Some just don't get it, or read.

I found that it is easy to wade through all the garage door opening problems but doing a search of the garage/workshop forum by entering: garage not craftsman

The results will give you all postings with the word garage...but will leave out all postings with the work craftsman in them.

Or, you can change the search from garage to workshop...or shed...but as long as you include not craftsman then you will have an easier time finding other issues involving garages/workshops/sheds.

Hope this helps.

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It makes sense to me that door openers are posted under garages. Some people use them to open gates but most are attached to the garage for obvious reasons. People also post them in the Tools and Home Repairs forums.

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As long as one knows how to use the search feature properly, the plethora of craftsman garage door opener posts shouldn't really matter. There doesn't seem to be a lot of posts about garages or workshops, in general.

It just bothers me when people ask the same question over and over, when it's been answered 25 times already. That is just laziness and stupidity and it's not limited to this one forum.

It makes me wonder if these people really think they're the first person to have trouble with a freaking garage door or the opener.


PS- Do craftsman garage door openers truly suck this much or is it just because they dominate the market that 99% of the posts are about craftsman? I've decided I'll never buy a Craftsman product, just because I'm weary of people whining about them.

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Stumpy, it is because they dominate the market. There is no way to get the figures but it is overwhelming. If you drove by a Toyota service department on Monday morning you would probably get the same impression.

Most of the people that come to this forum really don't understand how it works but they have a problem and need an answer. I've answered some questions countless times but I don't get tired of it because I like helping. Besides when I'm right they think I'm smart.

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I AGREE WE NEED A SEPARATE MESSAGE BOARD... About the floor paint,,, I hope you have better luck than I did .It was hard to apply and had poor addheasion around the edges ,my floor was new and never driven on...It takes 2 people to apply , make sure floor is clean and do not attempt it in the winter even if the garage is heated .

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leahann you are the best example I have seen of someone that needs to read the instructions for this forum. I'll bet you will never even find your way back here.

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