Help - what happened to the search page? (Joyful??)

celticmoonNovember 23, 2005

Tonight I am getting a different home page and I cannot see some of the forums I was used to seeing and reading , like "retirement". Are they gone, or amI looking in the wrong place?

I'm asking you Joyeful, because I notice you get around ;-) and I'm figuring you can figure this out...

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They aren't gone, but they are harder then heck to find. I will probably be visiting less

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THey changed the page around and it's harder to find stuff. Check the link. The 'Retirement' forum is under 'Finances'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Forums Page

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I don't like the new look either, where's the car forum & wedding forum?

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Cars are under Miscellany.
Wedding is under family.

Just scroll... it's all there.
Personally I like the new look....

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Too bad "Retirement" is under "Finances", as some would like to use it for general retirement issues, I think, but feel that they should only discuss financial stuff when it's located as it is - as it was previously.

When I log on, I write and it takes me right to that forum's list of thread subjects.

I can go to "Household Finances" by clicking on that subject near the top of the "Money Saving Tips" page, then click on "Other Forums" near the top left of "Household Finance" base page to see the list of other topics.

It took me a few visits before I found all of the stuff that I wanted.

Hope you can navigae fairly effectively.

Remember the Second World War song,

"You'll get used to it, you'll get used to it,
It's gravy in the Navy - you'll get used to it,

When the ..... (certain military officials) do ....
..... (whatever happens).......

It was rather a fun-filled song.

If you have a kid (grandkid?) who knows how to access all of those old radio programs (back well before TV), songs, etc., I'm sure s/he can find it for you.

ole joyful

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I kept getting a blank page. I then googled "that home site" and clicked on the garden web link. It took me right to the main page. I wonder why it was changed?

I notice less traffic, I think lots of people are getting a blank page and figure the site is down.

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I don't like that when I click on a forum, the color doesn't change on the main page like it used to. That made it so much easier to find the forums I read regularly.

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Garden_Momma has changed completely since my last visit...Confusing, but it's just like anything else, "Practice Makes Perfect" (that doesn't mean I like it...)

I'm always up for 'challenge'...

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It'll work out, folks - don't get your shirt-tails tied into knots.

There are more important things to worry about!

ole joyful

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