What kind of heater for a garage

where_am_iJune 2, 2006

I would like to add some type of heat in my garage to take the chill off of these cold Minnesota winters. A buddy of mine has a small wood burning stove that he fires up and it keeps his garage very nice and warm. But, it can take hours for it to warm up. Another guy I know installed a gas fired heater that mounted on his ceiling and vents out the wall. He has this on a thermostat as well. This is more of what I had in mind. Perhaps even installing a programmable thermostat so it's warm in the morning. Any tips on manufacturers or where to look? All of the local hardware stores don't stock much for heaters during the summer.

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I am putting a nat gas hanging unit with thermostat from the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: This place is good

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You made no mention of budget or fuel source.

If you have access to natural gas or propane there are unvented wall mounted gas heaters for under $200. Just make sure that you buy one with a thermostat built in.

If you really want a timer, an electric heater is probably your most inexpensive option in terms of initial purchase. Get a model that's designed to be permanently installed and wire it through a timer.

If you haven't done so, insulate your garage.


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I installed a 45,000 Btu Modine "Hot Dawg" garage heater in my new garage/shop. The heater has an electronic ignitor, is propane (or natural gas) fired and vents with standard B-vent (five inch in my case). Its thermostatically controlled and I hung it from the ceiling with four pieces of 3/8 inch all-thread. Its kinda noisy, but heck, its a garage.

Search the internet for a supplier or you can probably get one or similar from a good plumbing/electrical supplier. I don't recall who I ordered it from, but make sure you get the electronic ignitor. I think they come either way but you don't want a standing pilot light these days. They're "illegal" here in California anyway.

You might also check with your local building department about any special rules or restrictions about such units.

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Try an overhead radiant tube heater. We have one in our shop that operates on propane. We keep the shop at a few degrees above freezing, unless we are in it. We just have a regular thermostat, but you could use a programmable thermostat with the unit.

This type of heater heats the air and also delivers radiant heat. Ours is located directly over main work area, so that standing under, it we feel warm almost as soon as it is turned up, even if the whole shop has not yet warmed.

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We are in the planning stages of our gargae/workshop and we just heard about Mr. Slim Split-ductless heating/cooling units. Since we aren't running a natural gas line and we only need to heat/cool when we are actually using the workshop, this seems like it might be a pretty good option.

Does anyone here have any experience with this type of unit?

Here is a link that might be useful: Mr. Slim by Mitsubishi Electronics

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Check out the Econo-Heat system at the URL listed below. I installed a couple of these in my two car garage, and it stays warm all winter. I just let them run 24/7.

Here is a link that might be useful: Econo-Heat

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this is what i'm hoping to use...after my shop gets built!


Here is a link that might be useful: detoit radiant

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I got my heater from a heating contractor. It is a Sterling gas furnace that hangs from the ceiling.
I have a thermostat on the wall just like operating one in the house. I probably have a little more invested than some of the systems that are designed as part time heat but I wanted something that was dependable I keep my garage warm all winter just set the thermostat and forget it.

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Annette Holbrook

We just installed 3 PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) units in our kennel/clubhouse. These are like the units you see in hotel rooms, but not quite as big and loud. I like the Mr. Slim units someone else posted, but for the price of 1 of those I got 3 PTAC units. Most PTAC units are 42" wide by 16" tall and around 18" deep. They also make a smaller unit that is only 26" wide, so this is what I'll probably put in my garage. If I only needed heat, those Econo units look fabulous. I may even order a couple of those for some spots in my house that never get warm in winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: valley of the sun

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hi, I have a oil furnace from a mobile home(lear seigler brand) I would like to install in my garage. Can anyone tell me about the chimney set up. Can I vent it through the wall or do I need to go through the roof to get draft? Thanks for any advice.

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If you want cheap, easy, and reliable install a Berko HUH-524TA for about $350, 5 kW is plenty to heat a normal size garage and all you need is a spare double-pole breaker.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marley Heating

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