Craftsman garage door openers

RBearJune 7, 2014

My craftsman garage door opener, model #139.53660SRT1, moves sometimes a few inches or a few feet, stops, reverses. This happens with the door connected or not. The sensors are alined properly, they never blink but stay green. I made sure the rail was tight, the door when free moves in the track easily. I have adjusted the up/down screw setting numerous times to get the proper force, (following the manual instructions). The motor gets hot the more I move the door, but the problem is the same if motor is hot or cold. The RPM sensor had two tabs that were not completely pushed in, corrected that, but still the same problem. Help.

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I am having exactly the same problem with my 1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener. I have deleted the codes and then reactivated the remotes three times. Within 5 minutes the door started opening and closing erratically non-stop until I unplugged the unit. After plugging back in and recoding, the same things happened. I ended up unplugging the unit overnight and recoding in the morning. So far so good. However, this has happened three times now over the last two years. Any ideas?

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I have a craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener and lost my remote control. I purchased a new one and tried to program it
using the learn button. The problem I have is when you push the learn button it is supposed to flash for a few seconds allowing it
to program the remote my light do not flash so I can't program the new remote. Has anyone has this problem? If so what was the fix? Thanks.

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