Converting a Covered Parking Deck to a Garage

cccdntJune 27, 2008

Our 3/2 home has covered parking. I eventually would like to convert this to a garage (it would be a single car garage). For anyone that has done this, how expensive is this? Will it increase the value of my home above what it would cost me to do this?

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expense depends on what you do, what you local codes require, what the going rates are in your area, etc.

it could be done for less than 1000.00, or it could be 30,000.00. there is no way for any of us to tell you.

i know folks who enclosed their carports and changed them to a garage cheaply by doing it themselves. just close in a side or two, and hang an el cheapo GD.

but then again your codes may require that your existing concrete floor be ripped up, the existing roof come off and walls come down, and a new footer and new walls and roof be built. some local codes are much stricter for a garage than for a carport just because it is enclosed.

as far as resale value goes, if every home in your area has a single car garage, then it will definitely help. if the others have 2-3 car garages, i doubt it would help much at all. and if the other have no garage, then it would be the biggest boost. whether you could get your money back all depends on how much the final cost is and how much you sell the home for and when you sell it.

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Thanks for the reply. I think most of the houses on our block just have covered parking or just a driveway. A few may have garages, and I would guess they are just 1 car. As far as the area, it is kind of hit and miss - some having garages and some not.

Would I check with our city hall to find out building codes in our area to see what would be required to convert? I would only be interested in doing this if I could use the existing roof and concrete floor.

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your local permit office would be who to call. even if you can use the existing, you will require a permit to do it.

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