Lowe's: Chamberlain belt or Genie Screw Drive?

davenJune 9, 2008

My craftsman died and Lowe's is having a $69 install special. Should I buy the Chamberlain 1/2HP Belt Drive:


Or the Genie 1/2HP SCrew DRive:


The sales associate is pushing the Genie but I saw that another Chamberlain was rated very highly at ConsumerResearch, theWD822KD. They are comparably priced and I need one ASAP. What would you do?

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Its a great question. I have had Sears openers in the past. They all seem to last 7-10 years. The last 2 I bought were Genies. They work great so far. I have a friend who is a contractor and he will only use Genies.
Toss up I think.

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Both of my Genie screw drive openers have been working well.

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I bought the Chamerlain from Lowes at the same time of your post. I just put it up and I am very happy. The belt drive is almost silent.

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